ARC Raiders

ARC Raiders Delayed To 2023

Embark Studios has announced that ARC Raiders is no longer launching this year and is instead resettling into a launch date in 2023. The free-to-play cooperative shooter was announced at The Game Awards last December.

The statement from the developers confirms the delay and calls ARC Raiders an “ambitious game,” one that requires “extra time to expand the experience” which is why the game is now launching next year.

The developers also promise we’ll be getting more details soon as they begin to test the game extensively with players.

You play as a Raider, a rogue group of resistance fighters who band together to resist the onslaught of ARC – a mechanized threat from outer space that is looking to destroy your world.

Geared towards cooperative play, the main idea is to work together and use your gathered strength to take down the enemy.

It’s been months since the initial reveal and that’s all we’ve seen so far. The team working on the project is headed by Patrick Söderlund, a former executive at DICE.