ARC Raiders

ARC Raiders Makes Change To First-Person PVP Shooter

It was originally built as a co-op 3rd-person shooter

ARC Raiders is shifting focus and will no longer be a third-person co-op-focused experience with a PVP element. Now, the developers say it will solely be a PvPvE survival shooter, and it will be played in first person.

In a recent blog, the game’s executive producer Aleks Grondal says:

over the course of development, ARC Raiders has taken the shape of what we believe to be a truly promising PvPvE survival extraction shooter — a game that stays true to the ARC Raiders universe and that we’re having a blast testing internally.

The game was first revealed at The Game Awards 2021 with a slick-looking trailer. On top of that, the studio behind ARC Raiders, Embark Studios, is headed up by former members that brought the Battlefield series to our gaming screens. It was also announced last year that it would be delayed into 2023 to “expand the experience.” While there’s no release date set for ARC Raiders just yet, the blog post also adds:

The next step for us is a Closed Alpha test to get feedback on the game’s core systems and loops. This will be the first road test of ARC Raiders and an important step for the game, which so far has never been in the hands of external players.

If you want to be a part of the newly Closed Alpha, the team has a sign up page that is now live.