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Apple’s App Store Now Allowing Game Streaming Services To Release as a Standalone App

This time without the need reviewing every sIngle game

The winds of change are blowing at Apple, as the company is now opening the doors for game streaming apps and services like Xbox Cloud Streaming, GeForce Now, and others to come to its App Store as a standalone App, according to an Apple developer blog post.

“Today, Apple is introducing new options for how apps globally can deliver in-app experiences to users, including streaming games and mini-programs. Developers can now submit a single app with the capability to stream all of the games offered in their catalogue. Additionally, mini-apps, mini-games, chatbots, and plug-ins will be able to incorporate Apple’s In-App Purchase system to offer their users paid digital content or services for the first time, such as a subscription for an individual chatbot,” Apple said in a blog post.

Previously, Apple attempted to bring these streaming services to its platform, but only if the games in question in their library were to be reviewed and released as a standalone, which completely defeated the purpose of not just bringing it to Apple’s App Store but the amount of resources to do so.

So, reading this news, it sounds like Apple has done a 180 on their requirements all these years later, not so coincidentally after its European Commission antitrust investigation. Developers are now being asked to submit as a single standalone app instead that “adhere[s] to all App Store Review Guidelines and its host app will need to maintain an age rating of the highest age-rated content included in the app.”

“The changes Apple is announcing reflect feedback from Apple’s developer community and is consistent with the App Store’s mission to provide a trusted place for users to find apps they love and developers everywhere with new capabilities to grow their businesses. Apps that host this content are responsible for ensuring all the software included in their app meets Apple’s high standards for user experience and safety,” Apple added.

This is early days as Apple has just opened up the flood doors, so we’ll just have to see if Microsoft and others will put in the effort to bring their gaming services as an app to Apple’s storefront, but if they do Fortnite players will finally be able to play the battle royale game through an app and not a browser.