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Apple Showcases Canadian App Developers

Apple’s App Store is continuously updated with new, revolutionary apps each day. Some of which are designed to make your day-to-day schedule more organized, some focus on improving health, and some are honed into providing entertainment during downtime.

iOS developers are everywhere, ranging from grassroots single-party studios to larger, established studios. With so many passionate developers producing apps, the unfortunate reality is that some do not receive the attention they deserve. With a lot of brilliant innovation stemming from Canada, Apple decided to shine a spotlight on a few Canadian developers to bring more awareness to their apps.

Relax Melodies

The first one is a relaxation and mindfulness app called Relax Melodies. Made by the Montreal-based Ipnos Studio, Relax Melodies offers users over 100 calming soundtracks that users can mix and match depending on their preferences. Relax Melodies has been available for the past 10 years, however, Ipnos Studio has recently added in ASMR, bedtime stories, and “soothing healing music” for meditation and a calming tool for those that struggle to fall asleep.

For more information, visit Ipnos Studio’s website.

Medly 1

The second app that was showcased was developed by Medly Labs in Waterloo, Ontario. Medly Labs has developed a music creation app, aptly titled Medly. The studio was created by Basil Al-Dajane and his friend who he met in university and sought to give users an intuitive option for creating original music tracks.

Medly offers over 1600 loops and samples that can be dragged, dropped, and strung together. Medly features a number of genres and styles. Once created, users can export and use for personal projects without fear of copyright claims. Medly has reached over 3.5 million downloads for the free-to-use option. Medly offers more tracks and tools through the paid subscription premium service. As of May 30th, Medly will incorporate an updated visual history of the editing process, giving users the ability to jump back to a specific change and update the track.

For more information, visit Medly Labs’ website.

Worse Than Death

This next one was one that caught my eye. Worse Than Death is an indie game developed by Benjamin Rivers and his wife in Toronto. Worse To Death follows Holly as she returns to her home town for her high-school reunion. Of course, nothing goes as expected and Holly is stalked by an unknown force. Worse Than Death fuses action-adventure side-scrolling with environmental horror. What makes Worse Than Death stand out is the well-crafted hand-drawn art injected into the game. Benjamin Rivers, who designed the 2D visuals, drew each of them on an iPad using the Procreate app.

Worse Than Death is available for preorder now. The game will launch sometime in June of this year on iPad and iPhone. Later this summer, Worse Than Death will launch on PlayStation 4, Switch, Steam, and the Humble Store. For more information, visit Benjamin Rivers Inc.’s website.

Sago Mini

Finally, we have Sago Mini World by Sago Mini. Located in Toronto, Sago Mini World is hoping to be a child’s first foray into the world of AR. Sago Mini has been developing their iOS app of creative learning tools for kids since 2013, and have recently begun focusing on AR thanks to Apple’s ARKit 2. Sago Mini World is a small, interactive playset designed for children to explore using an iPhone or iPad. With bright visuals popping on screen, the interactive app guides kids and their parents to explore “ Jinja’s Playhouse”. Highlighted points will unveil animations between Sago characters, Rosie and Jinja.

The Sago Mini World “Jinja’s Playhouse” playset is available for $39.95CAD, and the Sago Mini app is available for free on iOS. For more information, visit Sago Mini’s website.

The developers showcased are a small drop in the bucket when it comes to talented Canadian developers that are reaching creative strides. It is great to see Apple’s dedication to supporting great Canadian developers in an ever-growing ecosystem.