Noodlecake 's Squiggle Drop

Apple Arcade Gets A New Puzzler From Canadian Studio Noodlecake

The end of January either has you feeling stressed out and mentally exhausted by 2023 already, or it has you inspired to keep going.

If you find yourself a member of the latter category, then Saskatchewan’s Noodlecake‘s latest game, Squiggle Drop

In this charming and challenging puzzler, you must draw a single shape to solve one of 100 puzzles, with more on the way!

How you draw your solution is up to you, and the reward for solving puzzles is the ability to build your very own Squiggletown with buildings, cosmetics and various upgrades!

In addition to Squiggle Drop… well, dropping, there are a number of updates to Apple Arcade favourites to choose from.

  • Skate City — Adds Pro Skate mode to Tokyo, including new objectives.
  • Warped Kart Racers — This King of the Hill-themed update adds Boomhauer as a new playable character, along with a new track (The Speedway Variant).
  • Episode XOXO — Dive into the next four chapters (Chapters 8-11) of Game of Hearts.
  • stitch.— Introduces a new category and new hoops to complete.
  • Temple Run: Puzzle Adventure — Adds 60 new puzzles, new tournaments, and an update to Treasure Mirror Stories.
  • Star Trek: Legends — Introduces new hero, Trip Tucker of Star Trek: Enterprise fame.