Apex Legends Season 2 Launches July 2

During the EA Play event earlier this month, Respawn revealed a few things about the upcoming second season of Apex Legends, which includes a new character – Wattson. At the event, the company featured roughly 30 minutes to showcase the new season, and among the few things we learned included the start date, some of the new weapons and skins, as well as ranked mode.

Ahead of the July 2 launch, we get another look at Season 2: Battle Charge with the launch trailer. Here we see Wattson in action, and Kings Canyon being hit with an EMP blast. In another trailer released today as well, the second video focuses on Wattson and her abilities which features our new Legend using electrified fences (Perimeter Security) which damage enemies and her ultimate which destroys incoming damage while restoring damaged shields (Interception Pylon).

We also get a closer look at new legendary skins,  new emotes for use while skydiving, and the new ranked leagues and their associated tiered names.

All in all, the second season is looking to be better than the first, as a number of complaints were aimed at the entire season being underwhelming, with the skins included being rather plain for both the characters, as well as the weapons.