Apex Legends Hits 50 Million Players In One Month

Vince Zampella took to Twitter today to announce that in just one month, Apex Legends is doing extremely well and that the battle royale is a smashing success for Respawn.

Releasing a video for the free-to-play game that’s taken the world by storm, the video is meant as a celebration of those 50 million players who at some point over the last month, logged on and played Apex Legends. Included in the video are staggering stats players amassed including 158 million finishers used, 1.23 billion times, and 31 billion pings. I’m not sure what’s more impressive – the number of pings in one month of release or that games like Fortnite now have their own version of it.

Coming off the first month, things are getting better already. With new guns, and tweaks, Apex Legends is coming together and proving that it’s here to stay.