Anthem Might Be Overhauled As A New Game

It’s no secret that Anthem failed to set the gaming world on fire. Quite the opposite in fact. In recent months, developer BioWare has been mum on the subject only coming up for air to announce an update. According to Kotaku, BioWare and EA are working on retooling the existing Anthem as an entirely new game, going against the rumours that the series is left for dead.

Speaking to Kotaku, sources say that the reworked version is said to be called Anthem Next or Anthem 2.0, which has been in the works for the better part of the last few months. No details are available or even a deadline for the game to relaunch, or even if existing players will be charged for a new game. BioWare is still working on the logistics of a release schedule and whether incremental updates are the way to go similar to No Man’s Sky, or as one big release.

Anthem launched in a sorry state earlier this year in February, and since then the player base has dwindled and content updates have been few and far between, and in some cases even delayed. Later on, Kotaku wrote about the development issues at BioWare, which prompted the studio to respond to the allegations. This led to the game’s roadmap to be delayed by nearly three months, causing the player base to once again drop.

Sources with knowledge on the issue confirm that a lot of work is going into the rebooted Anthem with work focused on the lootm quests and social areas, as well as the progression, world map and difficulty settings. The entire way the game plays now will be retooled and changed to a segmented world map. allowing developers to tweak each area without worry of bugs or glitches.

So much is still unknown about Anthem but as someone who dropped the game within a month of owning it, I’d like to one day return to game as an entirely new experience. Hopefully, BioWare won’t charge those who still own the game as they’ve stuck around all these months.