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Another Teaser From Rockstar

Yesterday, Rockstar teased us by updating their social media accounts with this image:


The internet was set ablaze and immediately the world was talking what this meant. It’s been six years since Red Dead Redemption launched and it’s always been something of a hushed discussion on when there would be a sequel. That is, until now it seems as Rockstar has sent out a second teaser image. The second image shows a posse of gunslingers and this is either a prequel to Red Dead Redemption and you control John Marston and his gang, or this is the rumoured sequel which takes place near New Bordeux, a New Orleans stand in that Mafia 3 is set in and a prequel to that game which falls under the Take Two banner.


Looks like we will find out this week what all of this means. Or NeoGAF will find the information and post it first.