Another Tease From WB Games Montréal for a new Batman Arkham Game

September came and went, which happened to coincide with Batman’s 80th anniversary and what many thought would be the perfect time to reveal the new Batman Arkham game. Turns out, that wasn’t true at all. Then, with The Game Awards last month, many figured that this instance would also be a great opportunity for the studio to out their newest game. It wasn’t.

Today of all days, two tweets from the studio came with new images, including the one below stating to Capture the Knight.

A follow-up tweet came shortly after, which was “redacted,” leaving us to wonder exactly when the newest game in the excellent Batman Arkham series would be revealed.

According to fans familiar with the image, this is a crest that is associated with the Court of Owls, a secret society that controls Gotham City from the shadows and a group that is so deeply hidden from prying eyes, few people even believe they exist.

Whatever the long game is, I’m hoping we get news soon. It’s a quiet period and we need something exciting to keep us going.