Anno: Mutationem

Anno: Mutationem Looks Slick, is Coming to PS4, PC

Thinkingstars and publisher Lightning Games are working on Anno: Mutationem, a slick action-adventure game set in a cyberpunk world.

What caught my attention is the game’s unique 2D/3D graphics style that really sets itself apart from any other game in the genre. Playing as Ann, a “lone wolf one-woman army” who is supported by her hacker friend Ayane. The game has you using Exploration Mode, where you move around in 3D, talk to NPCs, and interact with the environment.

The game splits into a 2D battle mode where Ann is able to tackle enemies through melee actions or move into a ranged position to engage enemies. There are also double jumps, dodging and even the ability to ground-pound the enemy.

According to the developers, the aesthetic is a love letter to the games they played as children. With the technology available today, making a game of the calibre means huge cities and environments in the style you see in the trailer, making it fitting for a cyberpunk setting. You can explore the streets, push through people and even return to your apartment to check your email or rest up. Vendors are spread out through the city offering Ann supplies, weapons and upgrade and craft gear.