Animal Crossing: New Leaf Review

Popping in Animal Crossing New Leaf into my 3DS I didn’t know what to expect. I remember hearing how great the series was back when it launched on GameCube. I couldn’t have cared less about it either. I was asked to review the latest iteration of Animal Crossing not knowing what to expect, but what ended up happening was not at all what I expected. Here we are roughly a month and half later and I’m still trying to perfect my game.

Animal Crossing New Leaf drops you on a train to a new town. You will become the mayor of this town and help all the people who live under your banner. You interact, joke with and play with these people. The basic idea of these games is you are playing a life simulator. You will have debt and you will have family and friends to deal with and days where all you want to do is fish and garden.

The first thing I was told by my friend is not panic and not be overwhelmed by the mechanics. This advice helped me get through my first $50,000 mortgage and work my way to paying off my loan. You aren’t able to furnish your home until you pay off the lump sum of your balance. Fishing, growing crops and digging for fossils is how you get started.

4392I found this franchise works well on the 3DS simply because as there is only so much to do in a day in game, I spent about only a half hour to an hour a day touching up my town and selling my spoils for the day.

The townsfolk here are limited in their intelligence – as only so much can be programmed into the game, but, as the mayor of your new town you need to be persistent and keep up affairs with your residents. Neglecting your residents will cause them to leave and abandon your town.

There is so much to do in New Leaf. Once you break out of the beginning stages and can finally start upgrading everything, the world opens up and makes so much more available. The primary way to make Bells is to catch bugs or to sell fossils and fish. The things you can catch have to do with the seasons and are only available at certain times during the year.

4391As I mentioned before, this is my first time playing this series. I have no idea how the multiplayer worked before, but with New Leaf you now have the chance of visiting friends online and giving them gifts, or being best friends and tearing up their town. The game has a mode called “Dream Suite,” which acts like a hub that allows you to visits strangers’ towns. I only tried this a few times but it was fun and entertaining.

The game is routine once you’re in the swing of things. You have timelines and schedules to follow too. However, with that being said, things aren’t boring. You will always find something to do while you’re managing your town and helping your townspeople.

My first foray into Animal Crossing was an experience. I like the change of pace for me as a gamer. Something I can do at my own leisure and as lazily as I wish. This is the time I can say I’m the king of my domain and can mould the town to my liking.

The game deviates day to day enough to not be boring and has the right amount of every activity to keep the game fresh. My second life in Animal Crossing was what I made it – the best damn town ever.



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