Animal Crossing: New Horizons New Details Emerge

During today’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct, Nintendo revealed some new information about the upcoming anticipated release as well as a look at living on the island.

The video covers everything you, a potential Deserted Island Getaway Package customer, need to know to get started: an introduction to your new island life, the basics of homeownership, details about your new neighbours, land development, exploration, crafting and so much more.

Nintendo began with confirming that with one copy of the game, up to eight people are able to live on one island. Each user is registered as a resident, each with their own house to live in. Also, time flows as naturally as in the real world, including seasons and day and night cycles that mirror real-time.

Next, collecting materials from around the island allows you to craft a variety of items, including tools and furniture. Workshops teach you by going DIY and learning the special skills to craft recipes and also change colours of furniture and decorating items.

Nook Inc. runs a monopoly on the island and is able to provide basic necessities and services, which includes your own NookPhone. Filled with apps, a camera and map, you’ll be able to add new apps as you play, but be sure to take lots of pictures as you explore the island.

Nook Miles are like Air Miles and you’ll earn them as you play Animal Crossing: New Horizons. As you fulfil certain challenges and experiences, you will earn miles to pay off the cost of the getaway package or, eventually, to exchange for in-game rewards. Rewards range from in-game Nook Inc. merchandise and helpful items that can enrich your time on the island, to tickets that you can use to visit distant islands.

As you get accustomed to the island, you’ll find yourself going on Island Tours, which occur randomly and offer access to other islands filled with DIY materials and creatures.

Developing land is a crucial part of the experience. While you can cross rivers on your island by pole-vaulting and climb elevated land using ladders, you can also change the landscape by adding bridges and slopes. Once your island is fully decked out, you’ll receive a permit to freely pave your own paths, as well as perform major construction like changing the paths of rivers or building and demolishing cliffs. With your own maintenance and construction permits, you can flex your creative muscles on the land itself, not just the stuff on it.

Tom Nook basically runs everything and even created the NookLink, which uses Nintendo Switch Online, and that allows you to scan a custom design QR code from either Animal Crossing: New Leaf or Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer using your phone. Those who subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online can talk to other players using the app as well on your phone.

As for the gameplay, when beginning New Horizons, you can choose whether you want to live in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, which affects the seasons. Seasons changing means so do the activities available. For Northern Hemisphere residents, spring will just be starting when the game launches on March 20, so expect blooming cherry blossoms to show up soon!

Once you start your new adventure with Nook Inc., the team will provide a tent that’s included as part of your package. There is also the Resident Services facility, open 24 hours a day and offering services such as sales of goods, selling unwanted items and more.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers more customization options than ever before, from personalizing the look of your character all the way down to skin tone, hairstyle and clothing, to placing buildings and items wherever you want on the island. You can even decorate the inside and outside of your home! Turn that island into a MY land!

Tom Nook will also broadcast to the resident each morning and provide updates to the island neighbours about special dates and events.

When New Horizons launches next month, you’ll find free updates added, with seasonal updates coming throughout the year. There’s also Bunny Day, which begins in April.

As you grow your island, more facilities will be built. This includes a museum showcasing the rich ecosystem of the island, a shop full of ready-made furniture and goods you can’t craft yourself, a tailor offering clothing and fashion items, and a campsite where you can invite guests for recreational purposes.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is out on Nintendo Switch on March 20.