Animal Crossing Brewster

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Will Get Brewster, Kapp’n, and More In November

October’s Animal Crossing Direct happened today and with it comes a bunch of free content as well as a new paid expansion that will come in the form of Happy Home Paradise. While it has been hinted at and shown previously, today Nintendo confirms that Brewster is coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons in November, bringing with him his coffee shop the Roost, which will be located on the second floor of the museum. The latest update is more than enough reason for players to get back into the game.

It feels like next month’s update will be substantial after months of silence. We’re getting general improvements, more storage, cooking, improved photo mode and more.

Beginning on November 5, a free update will arrive that includes Brewster’s Cafe. This new location is perfect to take a break, relax and enjoy some coffee. You may even run into residents sipping on coffee, and you can even use the amiibo phone inside the cafe to invite other characters by using compatible amiibo cards. Don’t worry though, you can also invite your friends to the island and enjoy some coffee together.

Kapp’n is the second addition to New Horizons and brings with it Kapp’n Boat Tours, a way to move about the remote islands with his boat. The sea shanty singing captain hangs out on the pier on your island. As you move between the remote islands, you may come across mysterious flora and you’ll have to check back periodically to collect everything and experience the different seasons and times of the day. You can use Nook Miles to book a tour on Kapp’n’s boat whenever you like.

I’ve collected fossils throughout my time playing Animal Crossing: New HorizonsReview: Animal Crossing: New Horizons and generally enjoy discovering whether or not it’s something worth adding to the museum. Nintendo is now adding Gyroids to the mix. Each Gyroid has its own unique sound and you can customize them to match their surroundings. The Storage Sheds are going to make things easier for everyone as they allow you to access your home storage from anywhere on the islands.

Harv’s Shop is expanding and will include a plaza with shops, and you will fund Bells to make this a fully realized dream. Redd, Saharah and Kicks will have shops on the island and Resse and Cyrus’s shop offer furniture customization that can’t be done on a workbench.

Cooking is expanding to add DIY recipes. What good is being able to grow a garden that can’t be used to cook meals? Grow vegetables like tomatoes, sheets, sugarcane, potatoes, and carrots, then combine them with other ingredients and put on a wonderful dinner party.

Nook, Inc. also will expand support for your island. Want to perform a group stretch or wish for more home storage? Those are coming in November along with the Resident Representative being able to establish ordinances like reducing the rate at which weeds grow or making all the residents get up early in the morning. These options are meant to adjust the island to fit your own lifestyle.

And Nintendo revealed that on the same day and date, paid DLC Happy Home Paradise will launch and includes a ton of features, too. The free Ver 2.0 update includes a ton of free options to customize your island, so I don’t feel like players are getting short-changed on content.