Analogue 3D

Analogue 3D Promises 4K N64 Experience With No Emulation

4 controller ports, no emulation? Sounds great!

Over 25 years ago, the gaming industry hit what could be seen as it’s most awkward stage. Sure, it was celebrated by tens of millions of people (myself included) and enjoyed by even more. But let’s face it, the polygonal era of gaming, specifically 64-bits of action on the Nintendo 64, was pretty awkward from time to time.

But now, Analogue is trying something new with its technology and hoping to bring an authentic and updated feel to the N64 with its latest product, the Analogue 3D.

It will be one of the items in a long list of consoles made for game emulation by the company. Except this one will be bringing the authentic feel by upscaling the 90’s and early 2000’s games to 4K on modern screens without emulating the titles.

This is an exciting prospect, as it’s something I’ve experimented with and wrote about when I picked up an Everdrive 64 X5. While I do get the authentic feel back in my hands when I use my Everdrive, I don’t get to experience these games in a more updated 4K resolution.


There’s still very little known about the Anagloue 3D, the company only released a couple of teaser images and a short list of specifications:

  • Wireless Bluetooth and 2.4g.
  • 4 original-style controller ports.
  • Completely engineered in FPGA.
  • Analogue OS.
  • No emulation.

It’s all speculation by me, but… based on one of the photos and the fact that it has four controller ports, this likely means it will be a miniature version of the original Nintendo 64 console. Something retro gaming fans have be clamouring for from Nintendo since the NES and SNES minis were released.

The Analogue 3D is also supposed to “reference quality recreations of specific model CRT’s and PVM’s.” This means they’re recreating old-school TV filters that we’ve seen in several games like TMNT: The Cowabunga Collection , for example.

Honestly, if I can see bright and colourful games like Banjo-Kazooie, Yoshi’s StoryDonkey Kong 64, Diddy Kong Racing, and more on a 4K screen, I’m all for it! Rare Replay is an option, but as the title suggests, it only has Rare games available.

Again, details are still sparse, but you can be notified when the Anagloue 3D will be available on Analogue’s website while the company aims for a 2024 release.