Alzara: Radiant Echoes

Alzara: Radiant Echoes Announced

Studio Cemlia from Montpellier, France, is working on Alzara: Radiant Echoes, a new turn-based RPG inspired by Golden Sun, Persona, Final Fantasy X, and Lost Odyssey. A Kickstarter campaign asking for €100,000 (CAD 147.574) in funding is now live.

Alzara: Radiant Echoes is set in a fantastical world where the four elements’ power intertwines with camaraderie and unity themes. Players will embark on an epic journey alongside Kayla and her allies, wielding elemental magic and combining their abilities to unleash awe-inspiring new forces.

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In battle, each character has a range of spells linked to their primary elements: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. The enemies have susceptibilities to these elements, and exploiting these weaknesses is crucial for success.

In addition to weaknesses and strengths against others, each element has its archetype: Fire for pure offensive damage, Earth for defence, Water for support abilities, and Air for quick multiple minor hits. It’s important to note that the best element to use may not always be the one the monster is weakest against.

Your mission in this adventure is to bring peace to the lively world of Alzara, where the enigmatic elemental beings called Zals respond to human prayers. To accomplish this, you will lead the Resistance against the relentless invasion orchestrated by the neighbouring nation of Vedores.

Studio Cemlia has enlisted Motoi Sakuraba to compose with character designer Yoshiro Ambe.