Always in Mind

Narrative Platformer Always In Mind Announced For PC, Kickstarter Launching Soon

Inevitable Studios has announced its debut title, Always in Mind coming to PC via Steam with a Kickstarter project page to help fund the game, which is soon to launch, according to the game’s announcement on IGN.

The Psychonauts-feeling game is a narrative-focused action platformer in the mind of Teddy, a composed 12-year-old boy following an accident. Players will journey through the protagonist’s subconscious, joined by an AI implant called Proxy that helps Teddy explore his mind. Players will discover abilities to help analyze the corners of Teddy’s mind; along the way, you will find advice and stories left by his mother as Proxy slowly becomes the key to re-connecting your shattered family in Always in Mind.

Always in Mind is our debut game and the product of our ambition to craft authentic, positive, and unique experiences that we feel the industry – and the world – need right now. By blending powerful narrative themes with intuitive controls and deep action-oriented gameplay, we invite gamers of all skill levels to experience the mind-bending, heart-warming moments we hope they’ll discuss and cherish for years to come,” Inevitable Studios founder and game director Cord Smith said in a statement.

Always in Mind is currently in development for PC; it’s a bit early, so no console versions have been announced.