Alexandre Parizeau

Alexandre Parizeau Joins Amazon Games

Alexandre Parizeau has joined Amazon Games as the head of the recently opened Amazon Games in Montreal. Parizeau brings with him over 20 years of experience and most recently served as Managing Director out of Ubisoft Toronto.

Over his career, Parizeau served as a Senior Producer on Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six Vegas. Now, he will lead development on a new competitive multiplayer AAA game based on a new IP for Amazon.

“Alex has a long track record of building talented teams and successful games, and is a perfect fit for what we aspire to create at our new studio in Montreal,” Christoph Hartmann, VP at Amazon Games, said. “He managed the development teams behind major franchises during his time at Ubisoft Montreal and Toronto, and he instantly clicked with our team’s vision and creative leads, some of which he worked with previously at Ubisoft. Alex will continue assembling an outstanding team in Montreal, and we’re looking forward to sharing more on what they’re creating when the time is right.”

While it is unclear the genre of Amazon Games‘ new project, hiring someone like Parizeau could likely mean it will be a first-person shooter, given his experience with Rainbow Six Vegas.

“When I first met the team, I was both impressed and convinced by their vision for a brand new competitive multiplayer experience. I feel very fortunate to join this great group of people to start a new studio and build the team that will continue along this journey. With the trust and support from Amazon Games, we have an exceptional opportunity to innovate and push the limits of what multiplayer gaming is today,” said Alex Parizeau, Studio Head, Montreal.

Amazon Games has a few titles currently in development and has studios working around the US including Seattle, Orange County, and San Diego, each focusing on AAA original games. Amazon plans on releasing New World, an MMO on September 28, 2021.