Alan Wake

Alan Wake Is Coming To Dead by Daylight As Playable Survivor Starting In PC Public Test Build On January 10

The Alan Wake renaissance continues as developer Behaviour Interactive has announced that Remedy Entertainment’s titular character is coming to Dead by Daylight as a playable survivor in the game’s upcoming chapter. PC players will get a first taste, as Alan Wake will be first available in the game’s Public Test Build on PC via Steam on January 10th at 11 PM ET.

Players of both franchises can expect Alan Wake‘s voice actor, Matthew Porretta, to reprise his role in Dead by Daylight, including some original voice lines and cries with the character’s appearance based on Alan Wake‘s body actor, Ilkka Villi. In Dead by Daylight, Alan Wake will have three perks players can use.

The Champion of Light perk is first, which gives players additional speed while using a flashlight. Secondly is Boon: Illumination, which, when used, allows other survivors to help see the auras of generators and chests across the map. Lastly is the Deadline perk, which activates when your character is injured. This increases the frequency of skill checks while healing survivors or repairing generators.

“We are thrilled to bring Alan Wake, our tortured writer, into the acclaimed Dead by Daylight. We feel the lore of our two horror experiences is a match made in the Dark Place and can’t wait to experience the horrors that await him in the Fog,” Remedy Entertainment creative director Sam Lake said in a statement.

Dead by Daylight is available on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, and Microsft Store), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. While no release date was announced for when Alan Wake will be officially playable on all platforms, we’ll hopefully not have to wait too long to play as the character in Dead by Daylight‘s upcoming chapter.