Convai AI NPC Nvidia

AI-Driven Conversation Model for Gaming NPCs Working with NVIDIA, Unreal Engine, and Unity

Convai is working alongside some big names in the gaming space

AI is everywhere. Art, music, and even more while using programs like large language models such as Chat GPT.

Companies and platforms like NVIDIA and Convai are working to implement these systems more effectively in the gaming space. Today at CES, NVIDIA showcased a massive presentation that included what it’s working on in the AI and game development space.

Let’s break down Convai and what was announced during the CES presentation.

Convai says it’s an “Easy-to-use interface to create your characters’ intelligence, and plugins to connect them to your character assets and worlds.”

So what does that mean? Essentially, they have created a system that allows you to create character personas through various tools and APIs for game developers.

For example, type in a character’s name and voice (from a drop-down menu), write whatever you’d like for their backstory, and get a modelled NPC.

In its newest iteration and while wording with NVIDIA, Convai says its NPCs can now “perceive and interact with their environment and other characters, making them more than just scripted entities. These characters navigate complex instructions, display emotional awareness, and engage in organic interactions, transforming the narrative and interactivity of games.”


As a part of their partnership, Convai has “integrated NVIDIA Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) modules NVIDIA Audio2Face and Riva to improve the realism, believability and latency of character responses.”

These new integrations and features listed above will now allow users to interact with the AI-driven NPCs in new ways. They can tell you about their surroundings, have little latency in their responses and reactions, and conduct what they describe as “complex tasks all dynamically requested and generated during gameplay.”

If you want to watch the full Convai presentation and some of the examples of it being used, check out the video above.