Afterparty Launches October 29

Night School Studio announced that their upcoming game, Afterparty, is coming on October 29.

The studio confirmed that in addition to launching on October 29, Afterparty will be available the same day on Xbox Game Pass, with a growing library every week.  The game will launch at roughly $29.99 CAD. In Afterparty, you play as Lola and Milo who recently died and ended up in Hell. The caveat is if you outdrink Satan, he’ll grant you re-entry to Earth!

Using an “intelligent conversation system,” players can change the story and relationships based on choices made. Afterparty includes over 30 types of libations, which affect player choice and personalities, and there is a wide array of people to interact with as you travel the underworld in an interconnected network of islands via the River Styx.

You can even play beer pong, have a dance-off and chugging competitions. If anything, this sounds like an eternal frat house party and you’re stuck in it.

“We’ve spent the last few years building a world, story and mechanics to allow players to star in their own dark comedy,” says Sean Krankel, Night School Studio co-founder, “We hope fans of our games and binge-worthy adult animation alike will join Lola and Milo on October 29th in their quest to escape Hell.”

If you enjoyed the studio’s previous game, Oxenfree, then this is something you might want to consider checking out!