Advil Head Settings

Science and Games Work Together To Optimize Your PC With Advil Head Settings

FPS, 3rd person, RPG's, and more!

As gamers, writers, and overall consumers of media on our PCs, consoles, and phones, collectively, as a culture, we’re in front of screens for a large portion of our day.

Advil is known for its products to help relieve symptoms like headaches, but most recently, it has been working with scientists and gamers to create what they’re calling Advil Head Settings, a way to optimize your PC and monitor to ” effectively reduce the onscreen stimulation that can lead to headaches.”

“Partnering with Dr. Séamas Weech, a cognitive scientist and professional gamer @mtashed (Michael Tash), Advil Head Settings was developed to educate and help the gaming community to play the games they want to play at peak performance.”

Let’s look at how Advil Head Settings works and what it does for you and your PC.

What Does Advil Head Settings Do?

Essentially, the idea is to alter the settings on your gaming rig to create a better experience for you when you are gaming. Depending on the genre, these settings can and should be tweaked to lessen the odds of developing a headache while playing your favourite game. Be it competitive or casual, the settings you see below are just some recommendations that can help.


Dr. Séamas Weech, Ph.D., says, “Advil Head Settings offers the gaming community the opportunity to customize their visual experience, with a reduction in the stimuli that can lead to headaches.”

You can find all of the settings and more about Advil Head Settings on Advil’s website.