Actor’s Resume Points To Grand Theft Auto 6 In Production

It’s been four years since we let GTA V in our homes, and the usual wait time for each new entry is roughly five to six years between new games. We’re coming up to that sweet spot where we should be seeing something new from Rockstar with the series.

Making the rounds today is the resume listing from actor Tim Neff, who has also worked on upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2. On his resume is a curious entry, which he lists as working on motion capture for Grand Theft Auto 6.

We have no information, GTA 6 at this moment is nothing more than words on a page, but, this tidbit puts the game up for a release window between now and next year. I’m in, whatever the ride is, because with Grand Theft Auto V, it was a phenomenal experience start to finish, even GTA Online has been consistenlt exciting to play.


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