Acolyte of the Altar

Acolyte of the Altar Is Out Now

If you ever thought to yourself, gee, wouldn’t it be great if somebody took the ever-growing fear of slaying the monsters from Shadow of the Colossus would lend itself well to a Magic The Gathering-style card game, Acolyte of the Altar is for you. And it’s out now!

Variety and strategy are the name of the game here.

During a run, you will face a random assortment of beasts generated from 20 highly developed monsters, meaning you’ll never be fully prepared. But you’ll need to try to get your 100 cards in order quickly because, with each passing turn, the monsters grow closer to an enraged state.

Once they get there, they can consume your creatures, counterattack your spells and are generally much more difficult to take down.

To ensure your strength, you’ll need to master deckbuilding to harness synergies that will help you sever limbs and grant yourself more time to take down beasts. Beast limbs can also be offered to the Patron in exchange for more gifts.

Being able to best the beast will grant you gifts to help you on your run.

But ask yourself, to what end are you running?