Acolyte of The Altar

Acolyte of The Altar Brings Shadow of the Colossus To A New Deck-Builder

The roguelike, single player game has a demo available now

If you take pieces of Hearthstone, Rogue Legacyand Shadow of the Colossus, you may find yourself in the new single-player deck builder called Acolyte of The Altar from Black Kite Games.

The developers say the game is taking what we know about deck builders and making some new and unique. Set in a dark fantasy world, Acolyte of The Altar will focus on massive battles, and boss rushes with roguelike mechanics: “As an Acolyte, progress through randomly generated floors while using a wide variety of cards to defeat these deadly Beasts.”

The following features have been promised upon its official, full release next year:

  • Over 100 cards, each with detailed art and a variety of effects (some cards even have additional effects in different situations)
  • 20 unique Beasts to defeat, all with distinct characteristics.
  • De-limb the Beasts to deprive them of their powers before they become enraged.
  • Survive the onslaught of foes across randomly generated floors while building up your deck.
  • Offer Beasts’ body parts to the Patron to unlock new Gifts.
  • Customizable challenge mode after beating the main game.


Synergies are vital to defeating these massive foes, as the longer the fights go on, the stronger they become. Something Black Kite Games says is a crucial standout in the genre: “This means you can summon an army of creatures with a health and attack stat and have them interact with each other and the opponent with more ability variety than other games in the genre.”

The team putting this game together brings some big-time development experience, starting with Founder and Designer Cameron Reid, a designer on Red Dead Redemption 2.

The free demo is available right now on Steam.