A Special Anniversary Stream Celebrating One Year Of Final Fantasy XV This Month

We’re two days away from the first anniversary of Final Fantasy XV, one of the most engaging titles from Square Enix in some time.

I can’t believe we’re already one year on, it doesn’t feel like it at all, and I still find myself coming back to the world of Eos, exploring, battling enemies, completed timed quests.

There has even been some stellar downloadable content made available featuring both Gladiolus and Prompto, which fills in gaps that were made during the game’s final chapters.

With the newest Comrades multiplayer DLC filling in the ten years after Noctis went missing, into the crystal, we’re doing a deep dive into the final chapters of Final Fantasy XV.

It’s nice to see Square Enix pumping out more content in this world, the main cast included some of my favourite characters in recent memory, I’m finding it hard not to love them.

Square Enix hosting an anniversary edition of Active Time Report, which kicks off November 29 at 8:00 AM EST. I’m sure we’ll see more of Episode Ignis, as well hear some stories of development.