A Space for the Unbound

A Space For The Unbound Developer Mojiken Studio Acquired By Toge Productions

Mojiken Studio, the developer behind one of 2023’s earliest releases, A Space For The Unbound, has been acquired for an undisclosed amount by Toge Productions. The same publisher helped launch the game in January, according to an announcement on Twitter.

“After years of working together, we are happy to announce that Mojiken Studio has been acquired and has officially become part of Toge Productions. The team has now grown even bigger, and we are ready to create more games to bring to the world,” Toge Productions said in a statement on the social media platform.

The news of the acquisition comes more than a year after the Indonesian developers delayed A Space For The Unbound indefinitely while calling out the questionable business practices of its, at the time, console platform publisher, PQube Games. The UK-based publisher was accused of using their Indonesian descent to acquire diversity grant money that didn’t go toward the developers in any way but instead allegedly used the funds to bloat the company’s revenue.

After all this, both developers ended their publishing agreement with the company. Still, they did not “hand over publishing control [of A Space for the Unbound] on console platforms,” according to GameIndustry.Biz. Months later, in October of that year, all parties agreed to part ways. Chorus Worldwide handled the publishing duties of A Space For The Unbound‘s console versions, the return of rights, and Toge Productions receiving all the mishandled funds from the grant.

As for how A Space For The Unbound turned out,  in our review, Bobby said the game was “the first must-play of 2023… left me feeling moved by the story and the characters. Paired with some incredible visuals, I felt at home, yearning for a place I’d never visited but someplace I’d like to be one day.”