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A Plague Tale: Innocence Sequel Is Rumoured To Be In Development

The excellent and surprisingly enjoyable A Plague Tale: Innocence may be getting a sequel from Asobo Studio, we’re hearing.

Of course, this is an unfounded rumour from XboxSquad, a French website claiming that a sequel is set to be revealed next year and launching in 2022.

When reached for comment, Focus Home Interactive responded with the following statement about the rumour:

“Focus Home Interactive and Asobo are very proud of the critical and public reception of A Plague Tale: Innocence, and the sales. We’re delighted to have received a solid number of awards and nominations, including for Best Narrative at the Game Awards next week. We want to pursue our efforts to make sure the game gets even more attention from players and we will thus keep promoting that title as it deserves. Of course, we announced last year we are partnering with Asobo for a future project but never confirmed if it was a sequel to A Plague Tale or not — and will give more details on that title when the right time comes.”

The takeaway from this is that while they didn’t outright deny the existence of a sequel, they did say that they are partnering with Asobo for future projects but never confirmed a sequel to Plague Tale.

Seeing the reception and how well the game fared this year, a sequel wouldn’t come as a surprise. New characters, a new location and a tale worth telling is enough to get me to return for another adventure.