A New Rage 2 Overview Trailer Sets Up The Sequel

It’s been eight years since the original Rage launched. I don’t blame you forgetting what happened because I also have no clue what happened except for the ending leaving me confused. Good thing Bethesda has a new trailer that explains what Rage 2 is and offers a look at the sequel.

Described as an insanely wild open world shooter, Rage 2 expands on the first title in every way. A massive open world to explore, wherever you see in the distance is a location available for exploration. There are also guns. Lots of guns and a lot of them are really weird but really cool and you won’t find anything like them in any other game. The trailer sets up the villains, the factions, and the abilities offered!

Good thing you won’t need to know much about the first game other than the Earth was hit by an asteroid and you are the last living Ranger out for revenge.

Rage 2 is out on May 14 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.