Persona 3 Reload

A New Persona 3 Trailer Reveals Strega, Combat, And Social Links

Atlus has launched a new Persona 3 Reload pre-Tokyo Game Show trailer, this time focusing on the Persona-using antagonist group Strega.

The trailer linked above introduced Strega—with Takaya, Jin, and Chidori, who serve as thorns and work against the party throughout the campaign. Working throughout the Dark Hour, Strega uses this time to dole out punishment and revenge for others via a website.

Takaya is the leader of Strega and is revered by his followers. His Persona is Hypnos.

We also meet Jin, the man behind the Revenge Request website that Strega uses to take on jobs from strangers. His Persona is Moros.

Lastly, we also meet Chidori, the third member of Strega, who is cold and calculated and rarely shows emotions. Her Persona is Medea.

Persona 3 Reload will also have completely new scenes focusing on members of Strega.

We also get a glimpse of Velvet Room attendant Elizabeth as she sings with the protagonist at the piano, which is probably one of the best scenes in the trailer.

Atlus also revealed several pieces of information regarding gameplay. In particular, all attacks and skills have affinities, so it is wise to use them against enemies’ weaknesses.

P6 003 BattleUI

Hitting an enemy with an affinity it is weak to will increase the damage dealt and knock them down. Hitting enemies with critical hits is another way to knock them down. ​You can also trigger 1 More when knocking an enemy down for an extra attack.

In a massive change, you can control your entire party instead of only the protagonist and have them assist by hitting an enemy’s weakness.

The Baton Pass mechanic from Persona 5 has been brought to Persona 3 Reload as Shift. ​

P6 001 Graphic

A new kind of particular skill called Theurgy has been added! These high-powered abilities can only be used when a character’s Theurgy gauge is full. ​Atlus says the Theugy gauge charges during character attacks, skills, and other actions in battle. A character’s personality influences the actions most effectively charging the gauge.

Atlus also confirmed that new Linked Episodes have been added, and side characters not previously explored will be revealed in new story scenes. You can give friends advice, hang out with them, and strengthen your bond with many characters. If you support them enough, those allies will receive upgrades and unlock new Persona fusions for you.


Persona 3 Reload launches on February 2, 2024, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.