A New Nintendo Direct Focusing On Pokémon Set For February 27

Nintendo has revealed a Nintendo Direct focusing on new information about the Pokémon franchise. Nintendo was, of course, mum on what they meant so it’s up to speculation what they’re up to for tomorrow’s Direct stream. The stream is roughly 7 minutes so it’s hard to tell what this is about.

To tune in, head over to the Nintendo Direct link – which goes live at 9:00 AM EST on February 27, 2019.

Considering we know nothing about Generation 8 aside from the next game being a sure-thing on the Nintendo Switch, everything and anything could very well be on the table. We could even see a delay but the offshoot of that bad news being our first look at the next generation. Coming off the successful launch of Pokémon Let’s GO in November, the transition to console looks to be the future of the series.

Pokémon for Switch is expected to launch some point in 2019, with The Pokémon Company confirming the latter half of the year.