Fatal Fury

A New Fatal Fury Is Coming

This year’s EVO 2022 had a ton of great moments and reveals, including Dragon Ball FighterZ getting next-gen upgrades and rollback net code, Tekken teases, and a Fatal Fury reveal.

Starring Terry Bogard, the series has lied dormant for 23 years. At EVO 2022, SNK released a teaser trailer for the new Fatal Fury game. Back when the Dreamcast was still on the market, Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves was on the market.

“The city of legend still breathes. Hungry Wolves back on the prowl. A new destiny hidden in darkness.  New Fatal Fury / Garou greenlit.”

Many of the characters in Fatal Fury have seen made guest appearances, namely in King of Fighters over the years. Terry’s last appearance was in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate where he joined as a guest fighter.