A New Experience Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

Following a rather impressive Nintendo Direct yesterday, Nintendo ended Thursday with an odd video that I’m peculiarly interested in learning more about. At this point, I have a ton of questions about what the new experience is, but I’ll have to wait until next week to learn more.

In the video, which I’ve embedded above, we see actors stretching, posing and generally getting their fitness on. It’s all done inside in front of the television, so my first thought is a successor to the Wii Fit. Then you catch a glimpse of the device being used which resembles a halo and uses the Joy-Con controllers in some way. We see the actors squeeze the halo between their thighs, bend backwards, and so on.

Look, whatever it ends up being, it’s interesting and a new way to experience your Nintendo Switch. Why not enjoy the ride and see where Nintendo wants to take us? Either way, I’m in because this is weird and I dig it.

We’ll find out more on September 12.