doomtrailer 2

A New DOOM Eternal Trailer Is Here

A new trailer for upcoming DOOM Eternal is here and it packs quite the punch. While the story has never been the focus of the series, the new trailer features some exposition before going into what we love DOOM for – the mayhem of encountering demons and chaotic gameplay.

We get a glimpse at some new enemies, and some new gameplay. Everything shown in the trailer looks great and delay from last year to March looks like it was a necessary decision for the studio. What stands out for me in this trailer, is not only the waves of demons hell bent on destroying the Earth, but the angelic forces out for the Doom Slayer.

New enemies include the Marauder, who like the Doom Slayer, wears its own and unique armour that you’ll go up against. I’m eager to take on this enemy and show him how good I stomp my enemies.

DOOM Eternal is out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on March 20, 2020.