Nintendo Switch Suite

A Look At The Nintendo Switch Suite At Toronto’s Hotel X

It would appear we’re going to be staying in for a while. However, Nintendo of Canada and Toronto’s Hotel X are in the middle of offering several people an opportunity to stay indoors in true Nintendo style. And the best part: they’re donating the booking fees to charity.

The Nintendo Switch Suite opened to bookings on the 11th of this month and runs until the 26th. Unfortunately, all bookings of the $500-per-visit room have now been secured, so the only way you can experience it for yourself at this point is through social media — or by bribing someone who has a booking!

The view of the whole suite. Goombas are stacked in the corner
Lay of the land. Photo courtesy: Evan Bergstra

Those who have the suite will check-in at 3:00 PM and have until 11:00 Pm to enjoy: 50 games from a wide selection of the Nintendo and Nindie collections; free wifi; room service; a full-service kitchen for personal use and a terrace with a view of the city and the lake that’s uncompromised. The long and the short of it is that it’s not a bad way to be quarantined for a few hours.

On Mario Day [March 10], Nintendo of Canada offered Console Creatures the opportunity to spend a few hours in the suit with some of our close community friends.  Some intense Super Smash Bros went down on one of the two large TVs designed to look like a Switch. The best way we can describe the suite to you is that it’s like having an entire convention booth to yourself. You know, if the aforementioned booth were a palatial room in one of Canada’s fanciest hotels. There’s plenty of Nintendo memorabilia and art present, as well as Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite systems for a whole crew. If you want to unplug for an hour or two — or the whole night if you’re playing “Monopoly” — there are also several Nintendo board games available, as well as a pool table.

As mentioned before, each of the $500 bookings will be donated to charity. Nintendo of Canada and Hotel has selected local non-profit Starlight Children’s Foundation as the recipient. Starlight’s goal is to keep sick kids happy an smiling through a range of programs — some of which involve video games and VR experiences. So the gamers who’ve book slots are likely feeling the positive impacts gaming can have.

Check out the suite for yourself and let us know what you would be playing there if you could spend the evening there.

A view of one of thhe TVs and the sitting area in the suite
Perfect setup for some Smash! Photo courtesy: Even Bergstra