A Beginners Guide To Streaming On Twitch

Streaming on Twitch is such an amazing way to turn your love of video games into an income stream. Even if you only stream every now and then and you have a fairly small audience, it’s still a great way to connect with other gamers and build a community. The only problem is, there’s a lot of competition out there and if you don’t set your channel up in the right way, there’s a chance that nobody will ever see it. But as long as you follow these simple tips, you should be able to build a good audience.

Protect Your Privacy 

Before you think about starting your first stream, you need to get set up with an account. When you are doing that, it’s important that you protect your privacy. Never use your full name and create a separate email just for your streaming account. Once you start building a following, some of your fans or maybe even some games developers might want to send you stuff in the post. That’s great, but you can’t go giving out your personal address to people online. It’s best to use a virtual mailbox service (like this one at physicaladdress.com) instead. People can send items to that address and they will be forwarded on to you, but nobody needs to know your real address. The reason that this is so important is that a lot of streamers have been victims of ‘swatting.’ This is when people find out their real address and then call in an anonymous tip to the police, so their house is raided while they are live streaming. Some streamers also have issues with stalkers or threatening behavior from people that don’t like their channel, so it’s vital that you protect your privacy. Be careful about revealing any details on your stream because even basic information could help people to find out your address.


Get The Right Equipment 

Now it’s time to start your first stream, and for that, you need the right equipment. You don’t need the fastest internet in the world but you do need a decent connection that can sustain a stream. People will quickly stop watching if you drop in and out all the time. You need a good mic and webcam as well because if the sound and video quality are terrible, people won’t continue watching. You don’t need to spend loads, but if you are serious about streaming, you do need to invest a bit of money in the equipment. If you check out cnet.com, you’ll find a good list of everything you will need.


Pick The Right Game 

Picking the right game to stream is the most important, and often the most difficult step. If you look at a list of the most played games for the year and pick something like Fortnite or GTA V, chances are there will be plenty of people interested in watching them. The problem is, there will be loads of people streaming it already and you will get lost amongst them all. But if you go for a game that nobody is streaming, there is a high chance that nobody wants to watch it either, so it’s important to find a balance. If you pick a game that a lot of people watch but not many people stream, you have a better chance of getting viewers.

If you follow these simple tips, you should be able to get your Twitch channel off the ground. But remember, there’s a lot of competition and it will take time to build a following, so be patient.