9 Years of Shadows

9 Years of Shadows Now Launches In 2023

After years of assisting other studios with asset production, animation, concept development, and more, Mexican developer Halberd Studios are nearly ready to launch its first personal project, 9 Years of Shadows.

Classified as a Metroidvania title that uses 432hz musical arrangements, which is supposedly scientifically proven to promote feelings of healing and positivity. The music is composed by Michiru Yamane (Castlevania) and Norihiko Hibino (Metal Gear Solid). 9 Years of Shadows is a tightly-crafted narrative adventure where players take control of both young warrior Europa and her childhood companion Apino simultaneously to mix up attacks with offensive and healing magics. Take note of each foe’s elemental weaknesses and equip powerful magical armour to channel one of four elements and gain an advantage.

Having the ability to be back at events has helped inform the game’s development. “After hundreds of people tried out 9 Years of Shadows at events like PAX and Steam Next Fest, we have gotten some immensely valuable feedback and excited sentiments”, says Miguel Hasson, creative director of Halberd Studios. “We want to make sure we live up to those expectations and over-deliver on the Metroidvania experience. We thank you all for the support.”