9 Minutes of Cris Tales Gameplay

Cris Tales

I’ve spent a lot of time playing the Cris Tales demo which is available on Steam right now. It’s a short demo and can be completed in under an hour but it does a good job setting the stage for November’s release.

In the 9 minute video out today, we get another look at the battle system as Crisbelle and her party head to the kingdom of Saint Clarity. It is here the team is ambushed and left to fend for themselves.

My favourite thing is how Cris Tales uses time travel as a mechanic. On the screen, you are presented with the same image split between past, present, and future. Furthermore, in battle, you use the ability to great effect. A perfect example is in the demo against the boss. I sent the enemy into the future, which in turn, rusted their shield and allowing me to proceed with the battle.

Cris Tales launches November 17, 2020, on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Stadia


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