Here Is 60 Minutes Of Final Fantasy XV


While hearing of the delay stung quite a bit (I know I felt it pretty bad) I also understood why this was happening. There is so much riding on the newest Final Fantasy entry that it really does have to be as good as we’re expecting it to be. Sadly, there is so much going against it that we hope it won’t drop it knees on launch day. Luckily, though, there will be a ton of optimization from now to November that will really knock out any lingering kinks that may be left from development.

Three new videos from the FINAL FANTASY XV Universe were released today, including an action packed gameplay video from the opening chapters of FINAL FANTASY XV. A new trailer for BROTHERHOOD FINAL FANTASY XV Episode 4 and the first 12 minutes of the highly-acclaimed CG animated movie, KINGSGLAIVE: FINAL FANTASY XV were also revealed today.

  • Features extensive new footage including: Chocobo racing, new monsters, side quests, equipment, ability and magic synthesis systems, and the Wait Mode.

  • With the full episode out tomorrow on YouTube, the new trailer gives a sneak peek on the fourth episode that focuses on the bond of friendship forged between young Ignis and Noctis.




  • Narrated by Lena Headey (who plays Princess Luna), the prologue sets the stage for the world of Eos, the Kingdom of Lucis and its ruler King Regis (played by Sean Bean). A battle outside the city walls of Insomnia introduces viewers to the elite unit known as the Kingsglaive, and their fearless soldier Nyx (played by Aaron Paul). The CG movie will be available digitally on August 30th.