Rogue Spirit

505 Games to Publish Rogue Spirit

505 Games will publish Rogue Spirit, an anime-inspired rogue-lite adventure game currently in development. Polish developer Kids With Sticks is working on the game, and the team is made up of industry veterans who have AAA game development experience.

The game is described as a player action-adventure game where players control the ghost of the former Prince of Midra. Players must possess enemy characters and absorb their skills in order to free their land from a looming and ever-present evil.

Kids With Sticks say they drew inspiration from Japanese and Southeast Asian cultures and popular anime tropes when developing the game.

“We are excited to work with such an experienced publisher. Thanks to 505 Games we were able to establish the Kids With Sticks initiative and focus all of our powers on developing Rogue Spirit. We hope to bring freshness to the rogue-like genre with an interesting core mechanic of possessing enemies and being able to absorb their skills.” said Andrzej Koloska, Co-Owner at Kids With Sticks.

Rogue Spirit is set to launch in Early Access this August and features 20 playable characters, each with their own abilities, weapons, and playstyles. There are also 10 procedurally generated levels and 5 different biomes to explore and as you progress, you’ll discover several types of enemies and bosses.