505 Games Is Triple Dipping with Control Ultimate Edition

505 Games has defended its decision to charge paying customers again for the next-gen upgrade version of Control, the latest game from Remedy. Last month, the publisher announced that those who had already purchased the game were not eligible to get the upgrade for free, effectively making early adaptors purchase the game again.

The publisher went to great lengths to prove that upgrading existing owners for free was downright impossible, and that “there was some form of blocker,” preventing owners to gain access to the Xbox Series X/S version or PlayStation 5 version. 505 Games goes on to mention that “those blockers meant that at least one group of players ended up being left out of the upgrade for various reasons.”

It was never clarified what those blockers were or even who would be left out by these decisions. Several outlets contacted 505 Games for clarification but none heard back.

And for the most part, people grumbled and everybody went about their day. That is until a thread on ResetEra appeared last Thursday, September 10. In that thread, dozens of users and people on Twitter noticed that they had access to Control Ultimate Edition, without having to purchase the new version of Remedy’s game.

Speculation led to the assumption that 505 Games had figured out the situation and were in fact, offering the new Ultimate Edition for free to existing customers. That turned out to be red herring because not long after this happened, the publisher revoked access for those who had accessed the game on PlayStation.

Not long after, the news has spread to outlets around the globe and but by the looks of things, it looks like the publisher has been caught with their hands in the cookie jar and with more than a handful of cookies. Even Jim Sterling commented on the fiasco and as of this post’s publishing date, 505 Games have been radio silent on the matter.

To make matters even worse, the new fuel has been added to the fire when a review code for Control Ultimate Edition is irredeemable on the PlayStation Store. I’ve reached out to the PR team for clarification on why the digital storefront is claiming I already own the game and whether or not this a separate SKU for Control.


I’ve yet to receive any clarification but while I’ve waited, I reached out to Sony’s live chat to see if they had any insight. While this is only a regular live chat, this is what I was told when the code was examined.


It should be stated that I purchased the vanilla version of Control last year on my personal account and also the season pass. Upon investigating, the team member at Sony confirmed that the version I own and the Ultimate Edition are indeed the same and share the same license, and I “cannot own the license twice,” and “all the content is the same that code has.”

This situation gets weirder and weirder and 505’s silence is deafening.