5 Reasons Why The Orange Hoodie Minecraft Skin Is Worth Being Downloaded

Recently, I had an argument with one of my Minecraft pals who accused me of being too obsessed with discovering a stunning Minecraft skin that would reflect my “creative individuality” and strive to maintain “stylish simplicity” in-game. But, if you are not a newbie, you must know how important it is to get a cool skin to feel a worthwhile part of the Minecraft community, right? Frankly speaking, I have been depressed by all those trivial character skins running back and forth. And I am not talking about good old Steves and Alexes, who, I must admit, still evoke warm nostalgic feelings in me. I am referring to hordes of Herobrines and Ocelots causing ripples in my eyes. I have spent almost a week searching for that fresh and memorable something. And, I guess, I found what I’d been looking for. Please, meet my new favorite Miss Orange Hoodie, whose originality, stylishness, and laconism won my heart at the very moment I saw her.

Reason One

Of course, it would be hypocritical to argue that the Minecraft Hoodie skin is 100 percent unique and original. You will easily find lots of Hoodies available on various websites if you start looking for them. But, you won’t be able to deny the fact that Orange Hoodies are not those characters you constantly stumble upon in Minecraft. So, this skin can distinguish you out of the crowd, which, I think, is terrific. And this is my first reason why you should avail yourself of this skin.

Reason Two

The reason number two is Orange Hoodie’s fresh and original look. Yes, it is all about being orange. Exactly being orange adds this note of juicy-ness and colorfulness to the game. Those players who spend days and nights underground building fabulous but gloomy dungeons may find this skin particularly beneficial. In the realm of darkness, the orange ray will remind you of sunny days, blooming flowers, and other bounties of Minecraft nature.

Reason Three

Here goes the third reason. You can’t deny that Orange Hoodie looks fun, really fun! She does not instill fear or awe in players. Neither does she impress us with her formidability. It is just a pretty, fashionable cool gal with a devastatingly cute yellow flower in her blue hair. And yes, she has blue hair, which contributes greatly to her being fun. This skin will cheer you and your friends up, will instill hope and optimism in you in times of need.

Reason Four

I devote the fourth reason to anime fans. Believe me, a Minecraft old-timer, there are plenty of anime fans playing Minecraft. So, there is good news for them – by uploading the Orange Hoodie skin into the game you will introduce a part of an anime culture to Minecraft. Thus, you will be able to combine two pleasures. Two in one, doesn’t it sound great!

Reason Five

The fifth and the final reason why you should give the Hoodie skin a shot is its universality. Personally, I can imagine the Hoodie both maliciously crashing spiders and zombies and peacefully picking up flowers on a Minecraft meadow. Moreover, notwithstanding the fact that Hoodie is a female skin, it can be utilized by both male and female players. This vivacious, brisk teenager is something that can add flavor to your gameplay. I know it for sure.