5-in-1 Car Jump Start Emergency System and Power Bank


Pyle Audio, is excited to launch the PBPK42, a 5-in-1 car jump starter and power bank. Boasting a myriad of features, the PBPK contains three ports for device charging (including a USB port and car charger), an LED flashlight, a built-in rechargeable battery and more. The lightweight (2.4 lbs.) and compact PBPK42 is available for $109.99 at pyleaudio.com.



Jump-starting a vehicle has been viewed as a laborious process for some time. Not only must one have access to the proper cable clamps, but additionally, another vehicle to facilitate the process. The PBPK42 eliminates the need for another vehicle, due to its rechargeable battery. A single charge provides 20 jumps to a car, truck, motorcycle, dirt bike or jet ski. The clamps themselves are compact, and fit alongside the power station in a glove compartment or trunk. Keeping user safety in mind, the PBPK42 contains built-in safety circuits for short circuit, over current, overload and over charge protection.


The PBPK42 also doubles as a pocket-sized power bank. Users can charge their Smartphone’s, tablets and laptops with ease, as the PBPK42 comes equipped with a universal charging adapter.




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