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3 Ways to Improve Your Gaming Performance When Playing Online

Gaming, in its various forms, has become an accepted part of modern entertainment culture for both children and adults. The diverse selection of games and multiple genres ensure that there is a game for everyone. In recent years, casual gaming (often taking place on a smartphone) has grown in popularity with all age ranges. The pick-up-and-play appeal of playing a game when you have a few spare minutes has made this type of gaming accessible to billions of people around the world. However, one notable trend in recent years is the rise in popularity of e-sports. Today, professional teams can compete in global events on titles such as Overwatch and League of Legends for incredible cash prizes. Many gamers seek to emulate this sport by playing competitive online games. Popular titles include the Call of Duty Franchise and sports games such as EA FC 24. However, the standard of competition can be incredibly high, and gamers must find ways to play at their peak level of performance if they seek to regularly win matches. In this article, three unique ways to improve your gaming performance when playing in online competitive matches will be explored.

1.   Prioritize your home internet connection

If you have ever played online games with a slow or unreliable internet connection, you will know just how frustrating it can be. A slow internet connection will inevitably lead to a higher ping (the speed at which data is sent and received from online gaming servers). This means that there is a delay in your button inputs impacting the game. High ping rates will make competitive gaming more frustrating and will inevitably hinder your performance. You may also experience lag in-game and fluctuations in game speed as the server tries to compensate. If you need to upgrade your internet connection and live in Connecticut, search online for Frontier fiber internet. Such providers can offer unlimited data (i.e., without a monthly data cap) and 24/7 customer support. Fiber internet is ideal for competitive online gaming as download speeds can reach up to 5 Gig per second. This is more than enough to enjoy extremely low-latency gaming and a flawless online experience.

2.   Invest in pro gaming headphones

When you play competitive online matches, you will want to be fully immersed in the action and free from any exterior distractions. A key way to achieve this is to invest in some pro-quality gaming headphones. If you have ever watched a professional e-sports tournament, you will have seen that all the players use such devices. It allows them to focus fully on the action and play at their absolute best. In 2024, there is a wide range of high-performance headphones that are specifically designed for gaming and suit a wide range of budgets. Ideally, you will want to invest in a pair that features the latest in Dolby surround sound. This audio technology can give you a clear advantage in games that rely on determining where your opponents are (such as in first-person shooters): with 3D stereo sound, you can hear the footsteps of approaching enemies and have a clear idea from which direction they are coming. This gives you the time to prepare to engage and may offer you an advantage.

3.   Take regular breaks and stay hydrated

Finally, it is important to understand that competitive gaming demands high levels of focus and concentration. Some gaming sessions can last for hours, and it is vitally important to take regular breaks. Taking a 5-minute break from the action every hour will help you to recover and come back to your gaming setup mentally reinvigorated. In addition, it is also important to remember to stay hydrated during extended play sessions. Drink an isotonic energy drink or simply water to keep adequately hydrated. You may not notice that you are becoming dehydrated during extended periods of competition, but it will undoubtedly harm your overall online performance.