3 Great Activities Away From The Console

Console games are among the best pastimes out there, and they are varied enough that it’s possible to never really get bored of them. But from time to time, you might be keen to find something different to while away your time with, and when that happens it’s good to be able to have a number of options to choose between. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best activities you might want to try and get involved in which require no use of screens at all. These are all the kinds of things that take a fair amount of concentrated effort, so they should be ideal for someone used to playing a lot of video games. Let’s see if any of these might strike a chord with you.


There is something particularly exciting and satisfying about creating something from scratch, and in particular doing so with wood can be a great way to develop a number of important and useful skills. If you have not looked into woodworking at any point in your life, you might be surprised at just how enjoyable it can be, and how easy it can be to get into. If you can go and find a basic woodworking tool kit, including a couple of saws, clamps, gouges, and a marker or two, you will be able to start making some amazing things. Start with something both simple and useful, like a box. You might be surprised at how easy it is to make a box which you can use for something in the home – such as storing your video games, for instance.


If you would rather do something that is a little calmer and quieter, then fishing is a great one to get into. If you have never been fishing, it’s likely that you will at first be more than a little confused about what is involved in it, but that should pass soon enough once you start to look into it. There are a few things to work out first and foremost, such as finding the best baitcasting reel or knowing where to actually go fishing (and whether or not you are allowed to in a certain place), but once you work it out you should find that you can soon get fishing and hopefully even make a considerable catch. This is a great pastime for anyone able to sit still for many hours at a time with great patience.


Finally, why not try something creative like painting? A lot of people are put off by this, perhaps largely because it can seem as though it’s a skill you either have or don’t have. However, that is not really the case, and you should find that you are able to learn to paint pretty effectively if you give yourself the chance. What’s more, it’s a useful and fun way to spend your time indoors when you want to do something a little different.