The 2017 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is upon us, which means the malls and flower shops will be filling up. Aside from some desserts and flowers this year, there’s always an opportunity to go beyond the general gifts a mother would receive.

We’ve compiled our favorites from this year that we’ve been using for quite some time in our homes and items we’ve recommended to our friends to ensure a better time at home.


This year, I’ve had friends give birth to children. With new mothers, the first child comes with a steep learning curve, you can’t go in expecting things to happen because it could very well unfold differently.h

Last year, we reviewed the Netatmo Healthy Home Coach, a valuable tool for an easy setup, that monitors humidity, temperature, air quality, and noise levels, things new parents should know for the baby’s room. We loved what’s the Healthy Home Coach brought to the table, sending notifications to your phone, and even connects to Apple’s Home Kit. The included even gives you detailed information about CO2 in the room the device is in.

You can purchase the Healthy Home Coach from here.


If that’s not something you think Mom would like, we’re recommending the ASUS ZenWatch 3, which is a beautiful timepiece that looks good on any wrist. With three colors to choose from including Silver, Rose Gold, or Gunmetal, you can accommodate accordingly.

With a 1.39-inch circular AMOLED that outputs a resolution of 400×400 making it easy to see in any lighting, and with an assortment of watch faces available, you won’t bore of the same face easily. Add in snappy Android Wear software that runs the timepiece, you won’t be disappointed, easily getting all your notifications on your wrist.

You can purchase the ASUS ZenWatch 3 from here.


We’ve been playing around with the Netatmo Presence for the last few days and we’re sold on it. All metal, waterproof body meets the IPX7 standard and comes with a programmable LED floodlight on the unit itself. With the included mount, you can put this wherever you desire, and the aesthetic is modern.

The Presence also comes with an SD card and can sync up to your DropBox account to upload video, in which you’ll be able to view Full HD video with audio as well as Infrared night vision. The Presence is good at picking up people, cars, and animals, too.

Through an app installed on your device, you can stream the camera to your phone, and you can integrate IFTTT with your Presence.

If none of these suggestions aren’t what you think your mother would like, why not consider something far from a normal gift, like a drone?

Parrot Swing 1

Last year, we reviewed the Parrot Swing Drone, it’s durable and durable, and a great option for the family to play around with. Kyle thought the $160 price tag was worth the purchase, and the included FlyPad cement the value of the Parrot Swing.

You can purchase the Parrot Swing Minidrone here.


We reviewed the TO-Link 10400 mAh Power Bank, a handy portal battery for your cell phone. Is your mother take walks or likes to hike the trails? Consider purchasing the Power Bank, and never leave your mother hanging with a dead battery, unable to listen to her favorite music as she hikes. With two USB ports, you can charge two devices.

You can purchase the Power Bank here.