The 2017 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Dad need toys too! This year, we ask to consider what the man in your life would need, do you think that they would appreciate a good razor or a new tablet? What about a lawnmower or security camera for the house?

Of course, it is up to us to take the hints they may drop on what they want – for me, it’s based on their personality. My dad likes getting a new razor every year with a bottle of cologne. My friend’s father prefers new clothes, and then, of course there’s the tech savvy father who likes new gadgets!

We’re going to focus on a few items we think every day would love, with something for everyone!

Does your father need a new cellphone? The Axon 7 Mini might be the right phone for him which packs some great features into one exciting phone.

We recommend the Axon 7 Mini:

The ZTE Axon 7 Mini is the perfect smartphone for the dad who appreciates both style and substance. A 16MP main camera takes stunning photos and video, while the sleek aluminum design offers timeless appeal. With an 8-core Qualcomm processor, plenty of storage and memory, a fingerprint scanner and long-lasting battery, the Axon 7 Mini has plenty of power for everything Dad can throw at it. And finally, the Dolby Atmos Digital Surround Sound and dual stereo speakers let him rock out to his favourite tunes in crystal clear Hi-Fi quality from anywhere!

You can purchase the Axon 7 Mini here.

The next item is tried and true because I give this to my father every year with great results! Gillette is the leader when it comes to razors, and you can’t go wrong with having to give a shaving razor as a gift to someone who needs one.

I like the Gillette Mach 3 Turbo Gift Pack and have heard nothing but great feedback since I handed over this set to my father, who has had nothing but praise for Gillette’s product since I was a kid!

For the more traditional Dad – Gillette Mach3 Turbo men’s razor features 3 blades for glide and comfort. With sharper, Turbo cutting blades, it delivers a closer shave, without the irritation and the long-lasting lubrication strip provides an incredible glide.


The Gillette Mach Turbo Gift Pack includes:

  • 1 Mach 3 Turbo razor
  • 2 Gillette Mach3 Turbo razor cartridges
  • 1 Gillette Mach3 Turbo Extra Comfort Shave Gel

The Gillette Mach3 Turbo Pack is available for the suggested retail price of $14.99 at food, drug and mass merchandise stores across Canada.

roku ultra ca

Thinking of cutting cable and moving to strictly being on the internet for all your needs? At my house, we cut the cable years ago, and since then we’ve purchased a few items to replace TV. One of the best we’ve come across comes from Roku, and while the box we have is older, Roku has solid products that are worth bringing into your home!

Upgrade Dad to the ultimate streaming player! Roku Ultra is fully loaded with a powerful quad-core processor, stunning HD and 4K HDR picture quality, and an advanced point-anywhere remote (plus a remote finder feature, in case it gets lost between the couch cushions) that doubles as a controller for some casual gaming. For that early-morning or late-night bingeing of his favourite shows, Dad can plug headphones right into the remote and listen without disturbing the rest of the family. And of course, he can also control the action right from his smartphone with the Roku app!

Dad will never run out of content to watch, with access to thousands of channels and over 150,000 movies and TV episodes, including tons of free content. We’re talking movies, sports, barbecuing, educational courses, even a virtual Irish pub! Can’t decide what to watch? The What’s On feature lets him see what’s new and trending, or simply search for content across several channels at once, by title, actor, director and find exactly what he’s looking for.

You can purchase the Roku Ultra here.


My father is very traditional, anybody who knows him knows that, and loves that about him. On Sunday, you can find him working in the garden or on the lawn. He’s very particular about these things, so when he cuts the grass it needs to be done his way. It’s about time for him to get an upgrade on his lawnmower, he’s had the same one for a very long time, and it’s served him well. Now though, Stihl has a fantastic mower that does everything he needs for him.

Introducing the STIHL RMA-510

The new and state-of-the-art STIHL RMA lithium-ion battery lawn mower is a lightweight wonder that is powerful enough to tackle any sized lawn. Best of all, because this mower has zero emissions, you will help dad save the environment and his weekend.

The RMA-510 features an 1100-watt motor that can adjust itself and reduce power when “mowing through light grass and adjusts to full power in tall grass to conserve battery and extend runtime.”

This lawn mower has a lot going for it, and has many features that make this a must-purchase for anyone who has a father that loves his lawn!

Golf Bag with BBQ Tool Set


Grilling with dad is a family tradition, I learned a lot watching my dad BBQ for the family and our friends. It also certainly helped he is a butcher by trade so he knows well enough how to get each piece of meat to its perfect state.

We stumbled upon this fantastic BBQ set for the dad who loves to golf and to grill! The three-piece set includes the necessary basics to get your grill ready for the summer!

This Golf Bag with BBQ Tool Set makes a fantastic gift for any golfer and grill master. The 3-piece set includes spatula tongs and fork with golf club grips and all stored in a miniature-sized black golf bag.


P 500

What is the best monitor for 144hz gaming? That’s all opinionated, but, we think this monitor from ASUS fits the bill.

Conventional 60Hz LCDs show extensive motion blur and can be distracting when playing games with fast movement. The ASUS VG248QE 144Hz fast gaming monitors half the effects of motion blur to deliver a perceivable difference for natural movement and crisp edges on fast paced gaming environments

  • ASUS VG248QE fast gaming monitor shortens the time it takes for rendered frames to display on the screen. Lower monitor latency gives a gamer the opportunity to improve their in-game response time.
  • The 144Hz rapid refresh rate speeds up the frames per second to deliver ultra-smooth motion scenes in 2D intense actions*.
  • The response time is also reduced to 1ms to eliminate tracers by controlling voltage levels when driving liquid crystals thus ensuring fluid and clear video playback.

Samsung Galaxy Book


Maybe your dad wants a tablet and he hasn’t told you, here we are telling you that maybe the Samsung Galaxy Book could very well be the device perfect for the fathers in your life. Be it your husband, your father it is something to consider!

  • Powerful Performance:Experience the power of a laptop without worrying about lag thanks to its powerful processor and fast-charging battery for extended usage. As a Windows 10 device with Microsoft Office compiling reports or creating presentations on the enhanced island-style keyboard is quick and easy.
  • Pen with Precision: The precise, pressure responsive S Pen navigates with ease and is great for making notes and sketches. It is included in the box and never requires charging. You can also use Air Command to quickly access useful features and share your creations online with ease.
  • Sync Seamlessly:With Samsung Flow, you can easily switch pause an activity on your smartphone and pick it right up from the same point on your Galaxy Book. You can also unlock your Galaxy Book with your smartphone and change devices as you need to.
  • Maximum Mobility: Thanks to the detachable keyboard that comes in the box, the Galaxy Book is optimized for a seamless typing experience, enabling on-the-go professional to be productive wherever they work.


Netatmo Presence


The Netatmo Presence has been a must have since we got our hands on it. All metal, waterproof body meets the IPX7 standard and comes with a programmable LED floodlight on the unit itself. With the included mount, you can put this wherever you desire, and the aesthetic is modern.

The Presence also comes with an SD card and can sync up to your DropBox account to upload video, in which you’ll be able to view Full HD video with audio as well as Infrared night vision. The Presence is good at picking up people, cars, and animals, too.

Through an app installed on your device, you can stream the camera to your phone, and you can integrate IFTTT with your Presence.