Elden Ring

FromSoftware Previews 19 Minutes of Elden Ring Gameplay

FromSoftware has offered us 15 stunning minutes of Elden Ring gameplay footage for consumption today, and it did not disappoint. First, the game looks like it’s a bit of a departure from what you’re used to seeing from the developer and it has quite a bit happening. We saw stealth sections, horse combat, and even a pot man.

The gameplay preview kicks off with horse-mounted exploration as we get glimpses of the gorgeous world created by Miyazaki and Martin. Not long into the video, a dragon appears and challenges the hero, who with his horse takes down the flying beast by stabbing its eyes. Then, the next segment picks up with a mysterious voice beckoning the player over to help him get out of a hole —we come upon the pot man! With a smash of your hammer, the pot man is free and says thanks to you.


Next, we get a stunning vista with a new build and for the first time, we see how far the world extends and it is gorgeous. We see the world map and the narrator mentions how you acquire Map Fragments to unlock portions of it. You can also mark locations to remember where crafting materials are and even add beacons to help with your bearings.

Another character build appears, this time on horseback. Not soon after we see the Spiritsprings, a tool used to launch into the air while on horseback to close great distances. The world is much more vertical and allows for a “stress-free” traversal method. We see lightning strike the ground while moving across the map, and moving around offers much more freedom than past games. We see the player focus on areas, we see the player spot treasure guarded by monsters and we move closer to see what it entails. This is a stealth section — an entirely new mechanic that will change how players approach enemies.


Unique attacks can be interchanged between weapons, and we can even summon spirits to assist in battle. Spirits vary greatly and you can unleash some devastating support attacks against opponents.

Online multiplayer returns and it is similar to what we’ve seen before in games from FromSoftware. This time we see two players working together stealthy to bypass massive monsters wandering the land. It isn’t long before the pair are caught and work together to take down an enemy on horseback. With magic, spirits and devastating physical attacks, the boss still proves to be challenging and it will take co-operation to overcome the challenge.

Continuing on, we see dungeons and catacombs and each dungeon holds secrets and treasures to be discovered. These can be found throughout the world and are worth exploring to really get a sense of the world.

The preview ends with the player approaching Stormveil Castle, a large dungeon that connects seamlessly with the Limgrave region. This is more akin to what players are familiar with from Souls games but now with the twist of adding stealth. The last thing we see is a preview of a boss battle with Godrick the Golden, a demigod and ruler of Stormveil. It’s a brutal encounter that showcases the type of experience players can expect next year.

Elden Ring launches on February 25, 2021.