Prime Matter

12 Video Games Publishing Under Prime Matter

Payday 3

Last week, media representatives joined Koch Media to unveil the new label, Prime Matter and also a total of 12 games. We began the presentation with a look at the latest from Starbreeze, the studio kicked off the event with a first look at Payday 3.

The world of Payday is an exaggerated look at reality and the developers know that; this allows the player to give the law the middle finger and it is also partly why the series is so successful. The criminal underworld lives its own life, and the gang in Payday will learn there is no rest for the wicked in the freshly announced sequel.


On Steam, the game has the biggest audience and with the franchise’s 10th anniversary, the developers are looking to the future. The release is still years away but there is a sneak peek and it looks great. Payday 3 is a high-octane, FPS co-op shooter set in a Hollywood-like environment. Starbreeze is working on the title and is aiming for 2023, uses Unreal Engine 4 and will launch on PC and consoles.

Crossfire Legion

Crossfire Legion is a fresh new RTS title that is in development. As a commander, your job is to adapt to unexpected situations and overcome the enemy. It is a modern, refreshed Real-Time Strategy, made by the creators of Homeworld, Company of Heroes, Dawn of War and is based on the Crossfire universe, with fast-paced action and fully customizable armies.

The game is in development with both studio Blackbird Interactive and Smilegate Entertainment. Both studios are targeting a 2022 release and the game is coming to PC with both single-player and multiplayer modes expected.

King’s Bounty II

A fresh take on the series, expands on the game’s system to add a new, immersive battle system. You can lead armies into battle and also manager your city. The key part is an immersive, tactical RPG tha blends politically-themed high fantasy with turn-based battles and empowers players to command diverse armies of living and dead beings and creatures.

The game is single player and is developed in Unreal Engine 4 over at 1C Entertainment. It is expected to launch August 24, 2021 on PC and Console. The first title to be published under Prime Matter.

The Last Oricru

An action-RPG driven by player choices with skill-based combat. You’ll find your own path, side with factons and influence the world. Designed as a single-player and co-op experience. If I had to compare The Last Oricru’s mechanics, it feels like it wants to follow the political battles found in Game of Thrones. What was shown to media looked like early development footage but it has some bold claims to prove.


Define your own path, side with different factions, influence outcome of the war, and your choices matter (emphasis from devs).

“We are delighted to team up with GoldKnights for this upcoming release. The Last Oricru is a the perfect example for a game that mixes the charm of an indie game and the passion of experienced developers to create a game experience that is a perfect fit for our new premium games label. Our teams in Munich and around the world are going to support the dev team at GoldKnights with all of our local and global publishing and marketing experience.” said Niklas Kaeding, Global Communications Manager at Koch Media.

Game is in development with Unreal Engine 4 by studio Gold Knights and is aiming for a 2022 release window. The game is coming to PC and consoles and will include couch co-op. Prime Matter will be handling publishing dutires on The Last Oricru.


A new isometric-RPG was announced. It embodies the charm, humour, and charisma of RPG classics and combines with tons of freedom of choice, deep and tactical RPG systems, giving the apocalypse setting an interesting twist. It is currently in development over at Dark Crystal Games, it is scheduled to launch September 2021, and is coming to PC and uses the Unity engine.

The premise certainly sounds good and it caught my attention when Encased was being described to us. Set in an alternative 1976, a vast and inexplicable artifact – The Dome – is discovered in the remote desert and, inside, is packed to the brim with amazing technology that could advance humanity hundreds of years.

However, while living creatures go in with no issues, they end up stuck in The Dome; only inanimate and non-organic materiel goes outside.

Players start off in one of five disciplines – science, engineering, security, management or convict –  which affects both their initial stats, specialisation and opens (or prevents) unique dialogue within the game. A good example is the wonderful Disco Elysium – The Final Cut, your choices have consequences.

Gungrave G.O.R.E

Footage taken from the game engine during our preview session. Features a crew of soldiers taking on player. It is based on the anime and is a sequel.

In Gungrave G.O.R.E, you player as the gun-wielding anti-hero, as you mow down tons of enemies in a gory ballet of bullets and experience a story of ‘vengeance, love and loyalty,’ set in a third-person action shooter and combines the best of Eastern and Western game design.

The game is in development over at Studio IGGYMOB and is aiming for a 2022 release window with both PC and console ports planned. It uses Unreal Engine 4 and is a single-player title.

The Chant

We saw pre-alpha footage of The Chant (Working Title) and looks surprisingly good. The game is in development and has been with developers working from home. A new studio has opened to help get the motion-capture started, teaming up with Prime Matters to deliver new experience.

The Chant is an action-horror set on the tormented grounds of new age cult. It fulfils players thrill of supernatural horrors and dealing with dark sides of spirituality, cultism, and cosmos. It will untangle terrifying revelations about the universe.

“We are delighted to team up with Brass Token for this upcoming release. The Chant shows what a small but passionate team of just a few developers can achieve today. We’re looking forward to the digital and physical release of this cosmic horror setting mixed with survival action elements. The game will be a great addition for our new premium games label, and our teams in Munich and around the world are excited to support the dev team at Brass Token with all of our local and global publishing and marketing experience.” said Niklas Kaeding, Global Communications Manager at Koch Media.

From what I saw there are no guns or knives, or physical weapons – character can craft spiritual and occult items for battle. Both Supernatural and physical enemies to tackle and survive against.

In development at Brass Token out of Vancouver, it is targeting Q2 2022 and is coming to PC and console and uses Unreal Engine 4.

Final Form

A new fast-paced shooter called Final Form was announced. Koch Media is touting it as a “definer within the FPS category,” where players can fully customize their valkyrie’s skills and  have premium looks. You team up with fellow robotic ‘saviours’ in an escalating dance of movement and combat against an unknown enemy force in a post-cyberpunk universe.

According to the press release, the game goes beyond the known edge of our universe and where it is our job to protect a celestial being that controls life and creation, from a plague.

Final Form is a working title but it’s so absurd that I love the premise and want to know more. It’ll be on Summer Game Fest today.

It is in development over out of Reikon Games out of Warsaw, Poland and is targeting release on both PC and consoles. The game uses Unreal Engine 4 and will include single-player/multiplayer modes with up to three players.


Massive Work Studio out of Brazil is developing the title with Prime Matter publishing the indie title.

Dolmen is all about experiencing a terrifying and disturbing world inspired by H.R. Giger and HP Lovecraft. It challenges players with entities beyond comprehension and the sensation of discovery. Dolmen wants you to feel alone in this world while you reveal the secrets of a mysterious crystal called Dolmen.


“Koch Media have helped thousands of developers to create fantastic worlds with incredible stories. We are proud to be partnered with such a prestige publisher and be part of their story. Everyone at Massive Work Studio is working hard to deliver the players an unique experience, so they can unveil this massive universe we are creating.” Stated Larissa Villard, Producer at Massive Work Studio.


It is described as a Cosmic Horror and Sci-Fi game and is aiming for a launch in 2022, with both PC and console ports coming. It uses Unreal Engine 4 and includes single-player and multiplayer modes.

Echoes of the End

Icelandich developer Myrkur Games is teaming up with Prime Matter to publish Echoes of the End.


Being developed in Iceland, it is a fresh take on the adventure genre and is based on a unique original fantasy world, with an interesting combination of fighting, puzzling and the deep relations of the protagonists. You play as Ryn, someone with the ability to manipulate and destroy matter, but not much else was revealed about the game. .It is in development over at Myrkur Games and is aiming for PC and current-gen consoles and is using Unreal Engine 5.

Scars Above

Players will get their first look at the title as part of Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest today before a Q&A with with Ivan Zorkić, Game Director at Mad Head Games.

Scars Above is a challenging sci-fi action game, with a balance of combat and exploration, that allows players to make smart choices and se believable weapons and technology to overcome terrifying monsters on a planet full of horrible nightmares but is also full of beauty.


It is in development over at Mad Head Studio out of Serbia and is aiming to release in 2022 on both PC and console. It uses Unreal Engine 4 and is a single-player focused game.

“We are beyond excited to give people the first sneak peek at our upcoming title Scars Above. While we’re not giving to much away at present – no spoilers if you will – but the story revolves round our main protagonist, Kate Ward, Kate Ward, a scientist and astronaut stranded on a strange and hostile alien world, said Ivan.

I saw a small slice of Scars Above and this is the one title that stuck out to me more than any of the others. The world feels very much like Death Stranding, but it isn’t ourplanet. Kate Ware is stuck on an alien planet and you’ll need to do what it takes to survive. I saw some crafting elements before Kate took ons on a massive rock Haramabe with an elemental shotgun, known as The Alpha.


Painkiller is back! Not much shown but a new screen confirming a new game is in the world. Painkiller is coming to Prime Matter in conjunction with Saber Interactive.