The Alters

11 Bit Studio’s Announces The Alters

11 bit Studios, the team behind This War of Mine and Frostpunk are back with their next game. Revealed today as part of the PC Gaming Show, this new project has been in the works for over two years and everyone at the studio is pretty excited to reveal their work.

The description sounds pretty enticing and it’s something I’m sure a lot of people have thought about before — how life would be if we made different decisions and what that may have led to. This idea is then delved into further by allowing the player to speak to that other version of you who made the other decisions you chose not to.

Playing as Jan Solski, you end up on a distinct planet, stranded and alone. This is where Jan is left to fend for himself and his only hope of survival is to create different versions of himself to get off the planet.

“These are not clones. They are the alters. Alternative versions of the same person”, clarifies Tomasz Kisilewicz, Game Director of The Alters. “Each alter has a different skill set necessary to achieve success, but players have to take care of every one of them. And each one of them has a unique personality resulting from their unique life path. How those life paths go and how those relationships are built – it’s entirely up to you as a player”.